Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas!
Don't I look dapper?


I think I need one of these in my room.

B' Jolly.
Our trip back home was wonderful! We left the Wednesday before and had a 2hr flight to Atlanta and a 5hr trip to San Fran and then picked up our rental car and drove 4 hours to Fresno. Whew! Max was good on the plane, but very squirmy. When it seemed like the flight was taking too long, Tim and I would shake our heads and say 'it could never be as bad as that trip home from Kaz'.
We stayed at my Mom and Dad's house and they got plenty of time with Max. We went to the zoo one day, we also drove up to Basslake and Oakhurst where I grew up. Max got to play in the snow for a bit. One night we drove around and saw the lights on the houses, so pretty! Max also got to see My Dad and Step mom a couple of times and one trip included some fun at Chucky Cheese. Max loves that place! Even the adults played some basketball and air-hocky. (we are thinking of maybe having his 2nd b-day at the one in Florida).
Even though we had 9 days back home, the time went by way too fast! We are hoping to go back every year during this time. Max got to meet all the family and my dear childhood friend and her family. The trip was just so special! Max got a ton of Elmo stuff including the new Elmo Live and an Elmo chair and table set.
The night before we flew out we decided to stay a night in San Fran to break up the trip/drive. We got up early the next day and walked around Pier 39 and watched the sea lions. Our flight back was a little rough as Max started getting a cold. I think the 3hr time difference and sleep schedule was finally catching up to his tired little body and the plane ride was pretty rough! I think we finally got home around 2:30am in the morning.
We are excited to bring in this new year. In a couple of weeks it will be a full year since we met Max. Jan. 30th was our court date, the day that our lives changed forever. Peace and best wishes to you in this coming year.
Happy New Year!

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Susan said...

Max is adorable!!!! Great pics...and happy New year to you guys!! If you are ever down to the Tampa Bay area...look us up. :)